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New Wave Advertising Group makes the process easy. All that is required is a graphic of your company logo and description of what you want your Billboard to say. We affix the print and you see and feel the results.


Smart Screen Advertising

New cutting edge display advertising that gives our client's diverse exposure! Smart Screens are a new opportunity for advertising that has not been offered in our region before and meets our criteria for being different!

Smart Living Book

Sell Books & Raise Funds! Smart Living book offers the best program in the industry to give you the ability to raise funds for your organization. Here are some of the types of organizations that are ideal for selling books to raise funds!


Snapd Magazine

SNAP Victoria is a FREE monthly print publication and website specializing in a "non-political" friendly and entertaining photographic view of living in our community. Our only rule? It has to be 100% positive!

Graphic Design

Want to maximize your business potential with other marketing material that will work together with your billboard? Let our helpful and professional team of designers work with you to accomplish your goals.



We have an extremely skilled team of people to help you create your billboard graphic and to ensure the best visual impact. Because of our large volume discounts we are able keep our production cost low and pass the savings to you.

Web Design

At New Wave Advertising we know that having an online presence is important for every business since we live in such a connect world. We'll make the process of getting you online simple and painless.