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Textable Listing Information

Each information request receives 2 instant text messages. It is free for the client to text for information. All StreetText accounts include unlimited text messages per property.

QR codes

In this day of technology, you can add even more to your buyers finger tips. The QR buzz is everywhere. Seamlessly adding QR codes as another way for buyers to get information about your property will not only satisfy buyers but also your sellers.

All a buyer needs is a smart phone with a QR code reader (download one here for the iPhone) and when they can scan your QR code they are sent a link to your property page.

Standard Text Codes

You will be given property code numbers that are unique to you. You can then assign and un-assign them to your listings with just one click. You will also be able to use your codes with all other advertising you do like print ads, facebook and twitter. As an example you could say with each property you advertise in the paper; For more information and pictures Text "499" To: 33344.

This will make your ads stand out and with an increasingly higher number of buyers who love to text, your giving them a way to connect with you.